Over ten years of live music events: Roots, Blues, Jazz, Country, Soul, & Folk.
Spit & Sawdust.
21 Bartholomew St, London SE1 4AL

Moving away from the Glad, yet lifting your spirits, here is Superglad. The name/banner under which you will discover live music events. Currently to start with discover weekly sessions, including a monthly ‘no amplification’ traditional folk sessions at Spit & Sawdust.

Dan & Danny



Current artists

Alice Phelpmaxresdefault.jpg


Alice is a hard-core musician. She plays harp, piano, guitar and… She sings.

We are not sure if she can dance but she can (and does) do a powerful and rip roaring set.

She sometimes (but not always) brings accomplices and when she does, they are always of a similar calibre.

Expect a Bluesy/Jazzy type set based around piano & vocal.



The Ben Somers Show


Interestingly we never know what to expect either, we normally get an idea at soundcheck and we believe Ben makes it all up the night before and according to ‘who is in town’ However and here’s the rub, It’s always brilliant.

Multi-instrumentalist Ben Somers can be seen singing or playing the house piano often the double bass and frequently the saxophone or it could anything else with strings and frets.

We have had authentic Bluegrass with mandolins galore, smoking Be-bop jazz sessions, traditional Blues misery, West Coast Country or even a 6 piece authentic 60s Jamaican Jazz Band.



Dai and the Ramblers


Dai & The Ramblers are one of the most exciting bands to emerge from London’s roots music scene and joining the dots between Cajun, Folk and Rhythm & Blues.

Dai Price is a wonderful singer and leads the group on guitar. Rupert Gillett (The London Klezmer Quartet) plays double bass.

Alan Dunn flits between the house piano and accordion (as he has done for the likes of Loudon Wainright, Richard Thompson).

Finally, Bob Loveday joins on fiddle (Van Morrison, Jeff Beck, The Penguin Cafe Orchestra).

Their live gigs have built up a reputation as one of the finest roots music acts around, combining original song-writing with outstanding seat-of-the-pants musicianship.



Dakota Jim’s Old Time Jazz Revue



This long running event is a jewel in our crown in addition to being an established monthly event.

The magnificent Dakota Jim on the house piano & vocals alongside Louisa Jones on vocals & double bass.Both Jim & Louisa also front the brilliant band Whiskey Moon Face but with his Jazz revue, Jim takes the lead. Expect some New Orleans classics maybe he’ll chuck in a few old-time jazz standards, and of course the smokiest of Barrelhouse Blues.

It’s a real treat and sometimes, and if you are lucky, they’ll invite one or maybe more guest musicians to play with them, but not always.

Here’s a 30 second clip of Jim & Louisa performing as Dakota Jim’s Old Time Jazz Revue on a hot summers night at The Glad.



John Drain & Marco Farris


The legendary Delta Blues Session with John Drain & Marco Farris is back.

Simply put, it’s hard hitting and authentic Delta Blues Music. It’s odd that two Europeans could make these sounds, but indeed they do. Voice, guitar, harmonica and a stomp and these boys can groove any party.

Again, if there just happens to be some troubadour Bluesman or blues-woman in town then maybe they’ll sit in.